About Us

South Shore Computer Repair’s operating principles are simple:

  1. Have a personal passion for everything we do.
  2. Strive for clear and concise communication with all of our customers .
  3. Maintain our abilities to adapt and change with technology.
  4. Allow for experimentation and improvisation in order to better serve our clients and ourselves.
  5. Understand and communicate our resource limitations.
  6. Share information and collaborate with our staff, our partners, and our customers.

The Computer Guy and the Marketing Chick at South Shore Computer Repair live, breathe and eat this business, located in the heart of cranberry country in Middleboro, Massachusetts. South Shore Computer Repair provides superior information technology and marketing communications services to small businesses throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. We provide these services in our shop, in your office, or remotely.

For more information about our services give us a call or drop us an email.