Data Protection & Backup Solutions

Individual users and consumers have more technology options available to them than ever before. The pervasive networking, broadband, mobile and home computing options are stunning – and unheard of just a  decade ago.

The tremendous developments in the home and small business computing market bring benefits and pitfalls…

According to research from a prominent Massachusetts-based IT analyst firm, one of the major challenges that individuals and small-business owners face is data backup.

USA Today once asked its readers: “If a fire were bearing down on your home, what would you take?” Pets were the number one answer (and we don’t disagree!) followed by Photos and Computer.

With off-site backup at your service, you do not have to worry about number three on that list. While you may lose the physical computer in a fire or other disaster, you won’t lose the data that is on that machine  because it has safely been backing up and getting stored on a server not affected by the disaster striking your home or office.

And, in this day of telecommuting, running your business out of your home, digital photography and other aspects of your technological life, off-site backup is the next logical step to take to protect your most valuable information.

So if a disaster strikes your office or home, all you need to grab is your beloved pet, family members and other irreplaceable items. No need to worry about the computer and the crucial and sentimental information it contains.