20 Minutes Of Hilarity At South Shore Computer Repair…

We love what we do here at South Shore Computer Repair but it’s not often that we get to spend 20 minutes of our day rolling on the floor laughing and messing with a criminal.

It all started when “Microsoft Support” called our Marketing Chick to let her know that there was a problem with her computer and they were calling to walk her through fixing all of the problems she was having. She immediately panicked (not!) and rushed the phone to the Computer Guy so that he could work with “Microsoft Support” to get her issues resolved.


That’s right, folks; it’s a S-C-A-M! Microsoft (or Google or Bing or a hundred other companies) are not monitoring your computer and calling you when they see you’re having a problem. Never. Not. No way.

While we encourage everyone to have some fun with these folks if and when they call you, under no circumstances should you do what they are telling you to do. Never. Not. No way.

If you’re having real computer issues, call your favorite IT person or computer repair shop (hopefully that’s us!) and work with them to resolve your issues.

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